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New Zealand's Seasons

Summer sun is beginning to give way to the milder climate of Autumn in New Zealand. If you were wondering about the weather and seasonal changes during the time you will be traveling to New Zealand then you might find this information useful.

Summer (Dec, Jan, Feb)

New Zealand really comes alive during the summer. Outdoor pursuits such as days at the beach or lake, walking, golf, or just lazing around in the sun are great in Summer. There are high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Central Otago locations are especially hot.

Autumn (Mar, Apr, May)

Temperatures lower slightly in Autumn though its still pretty warm to do outdoor activities. Central Otago's trees display a colorful range of leaves.

Winter (Jun, Jul, Aug)

Colder weather brings snow to places like Queenstown and Wanaka. The mountain scenery and skiing is spectacular.

Spring ( Sep, Oct, Nov)

Spring runs from September through to November and is mixture of cold, warm and hot weather. Alexandra and Central Otago is a breathtaking place to visit in the spring months as flowers blossom into life.

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